Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inaugrual Akanul Adventure Is a Hit!

So it took a bit longer to get our ducks in a row and post them, but check out some pictures of our first Akanul Adventure!

We had two solid groups run roughshod over baddies on February 28th -- our intrepid adventurers made mincemeat* out of their spellscarred and genasi adversaries en route to almost apprehending the fugitive dragonborn wanted for the horrific lumberyard murders. On the way, the question of guilt or innocense arose -- now the dragonborn may not be the quarry after all!

With the enigmatic Hurley Burley Man burbling out his half-cooked prophecies, it seems that this little adventure is only just the beginning... a far more sinister plot lies beneath, one in which our providential adventurers will no doubt find themselves sooner rather than later!

Stay tuned for the next installment this April -- King Con 2009 baby!

* Using a massive, automated lumbermill rotary saw to hamburger a genasi assassin proved to be both gruesome and hilariously popular at the same time!
- Patrick

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  1. Check out the slideshow on the side. My favourite photo is the one of Wesley with a pig on his head! Katrina's bloodied hat is good too.
    - Justine