Monday, April 20, 2009

King Con 2009 Wrap Up!

Well, King Con 2009 is in the bag, so to speak, and it was a great three days in gaming indeed! We’d like to thank everyone involved, from organizers to GMs, players and volunteers and everyone in between. Kingston’s second annual game convention was a blast and we couldn’t have done it without you!

As this is our blog, I'll focus on Minotaur’s events. Here are the quick and dirty results:

First, our Akanul adventure proved to be a killer. Both parties failed to save the dragonborn or to bring justice to the conspirator behind his wrongful murder conviction. This was one heck of a tough adventure, and kudos go to the players for a strong showing despite ultimately coming up short. Besides, a battlegrid covered in wraiths is just such an evocative image. If it’s going to be a total party kill, at least it’s a memorable one!

John Dupont was the winner of the “Mega” Eurogame tournament, squeeking out with a victory over Robert Holiday in the five game, sixteen player event. John maintained control over which games he played for the entire tournament and it showed. And while Calvin Chan gave him a run for his money in Caylus, John wasn’t about to lose in his signature game. So until next year, John's our King of Con (at least insofar as Eurogames go - nyah!)

And finally, for the biggie: Ian Watson took home the crown for the Settlers of Catan tournament in a hard-fought victory over Huss (Brown Sugar!), Robin (all the way from Waterloo!), and Jason (He of "The Shirt"). For those who don't know, Ian had to be convinced to enter – he’s sure glad he did! Even though this year isn't officially a "Canadian Championship" due to Mayfair's loopiness, Ian's got serious chops... consider him your national champ, ya? So congratulations, and good luck at GenCon: win one for the team!

This year's King Con was brought to you by 4 Colour/8-Bit, Minotaur, Nexus, and The Rocking Horse. Our new venue for 2009 -- Confederation Place Hotel -- worked out quite well, being spacious and accomodating... and even though the Friday night social was a bit of a scheduling muckup alongside the nursing grad party, all turned out well in the end!


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