Saturday, February 20, 2010

KingCon Website & request for submissions

Another way to get information about KingCon is to go directly to I encourage any and all suggestions, comments & ideas.

We are also looking for people to run games. The three stores involved will be running tournaments and gaming sessions, but having individuals come and run games, will make the con that much more interesting! There are few if any limits on what you can run as a game. Board gaming, role playing, CCG's, card games, table top minis, etc. are obvious choices, but we are very open to other ideas. For example a local club will be running a couple of table hockey tournaments.
We even are happy to consider things that aren't games as long as they fit: mini's painting workshops, comic jamming, chainmail design, what ever brilliant ideas you can come up with!

So, let us know if you are interested in running something, by posting on this blog, the KingCon website or by emailing or dropping into 4-Colour/8-Bit, Minotaur or Nexus and letting us know!

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