Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Labyrinth: The Blitz Extended + The Game Exchange

So you're hunting high and low for clues to the blitz...
It's been months since it was announced in store...
A whole DAY (two now) since a blog post was made about it...
And you still need to know more about every possible aspect of the tournament!
The phones have been ringing off the hook and our crack crew of Blitz experts cant keep up with the flow of questions coming in.

The blitz outline is as follows.

16 Games have been selected and are going to be in pools or rounds. During the first round players will be randomly assigned to one of 6games.Those 6 initial games are:

Dominion Intrigue
Race for the Galaxy
San Juan
Seven Wonders

These games are slated to run for an hour and based off player's results will determine who gets to pick what for the subsequent round. Round 2 is a 2hour slot and the first place finishers will all roll off to see who gets first pick.
In order they will assign themselves to a game one by one and once all of them has picked the process will be repeated with all the 2nd place finishers from round one.
In this way players will be more likely to get a chance to pick a game they are familiar with.

Round 2 will feature:

Cities and Knights
Pillars of Earth
Small World Underground

There will then be a one hour break for lunch before the 3rd round starts up.
The games featured in this round are 1 hour games and are:

Through the Desert
Ticket to Ride Europe
Saint Petersburg
Kingdom Builder

The 4th and final round will contain the most challenging games all of which are slated for 2hours long. Once all the 4th round matches are done the total combined scores from each game will determine who the winner of the blitz is!

4th Round games are:

Power Grid
Puerto Rico
Princes of Florence
Factory Manager

Game Exchange

In addition to the blitz we will also have a game table for selling and buying games that will run from Friday, March 23rd to Sunday, March 25th.Bring in and sell off your used games. Buy games brought in by others. Three days only!Consignment terms will apply but you will set your own price. Minotaur will take 10% commission, you get the other 90%. Please bring in a price list with any games that submitted.People can start bringing in games anytime between now and the end of the event, but will not be put out for sale until March 23rd. Any and all games and game accessories are welcome!

This has been the Labyrinth and I`m Henry McCulloch. Game on!

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