Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Labyrinth: The April of Fools

Hey all!
Just doing a blog post to see how everyone's beginning of april went.
Were there plenty of crafty cunning or crude capers pulled on your friends and family?
Things blanaced atop open doorways? Whoopey cushions place on chairseats?
Faked deaths/proposals/breakups/quittings/storming outs etc.

Mine was quite bland did little to no tricking but thankfully didn't get suckered into being fooled either. =3
A wash as they say.

Things have been progressing along steadily at the store as Princess street and bagot got a quick makeover.
The construction has done little to deter the flow of people coming out to events though and so we have more on the way!

Travel Game Sale!!

We are offering 20% off all travel games until the end of April!
So if there's a title you've had your eye on for a while best come in and take advantage of the deal!

5th Group art Show

The'Play' art show is winding down now and next month the next one is scheduled to go up. The theme for the new one is "Labyrinth" which of course I think rocks since the blog shares its name with the theme <{^_^}>
Submissions should be in by the 22nd and the opening soiree is going to be on the 26th here at the store at 6pm. Here's hoping we continue to see a similar amount of awesome art making its way into the store. Get creative people! It can be anything subject matter that fits the theme, it can be any medium, it can be any siiiiiize! (as long as it still fits through the front door)

Cribbage Tourney!

On to the game front and away from the arts.
The last cribbage tournament was a heated as ever but ultimately only one could come out on top!
Below is last tournaments winner and 1st runner up posing for our paparattzi with their well earned gift certificates!

The next cribbage playoff is coming also in May! A busy month to be sure.
For those of you that have been coming to each one you'll know what to expect.
For those that haven't here's the rundown.

-It will be here at the store starting at 7pm.
-It will be a best of 7 games of one on one play in a round robin style format.
-It costs 10 dollars per person to play.
-Depending on the # of people playing there will be a 1st and 2nd place gift certificates whose combined total will equal the amount of money collected.

and last but not least for ANOTHER event happening here in the store in May!

National Youth Arts Week Alternative Art Spaces Workshop

Friday May 4 7:00pm Minotaur Games & Gifts

Back by popular demand, Broken City Lab's Justin Langlois will lead an empowering discussion on how local artists can make more use of non-traditional spaces in Kingston to present and participate in the arts.

here are links to both his site

and to Broken City Labs!

That's all for now folks!

This has been the Labyrinth and I'm Henry McCulloch. Game on!

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