Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dominion Intrigue HERE AT LAST!

We've all waited a very long time...almost too long. But finally Dominion Intrigue has rolled through our door. Those of you with preorders, can come pick them up! We do also have a few copies that aren't spoken for yet, but we expect them to go fast!

Personally, I can't wait to try it out tonight!

In honor of Dominion Intrigue, we are extending last week's discount to this week.


Post a comment about your favourite card game or let us know about any great ones we’ve missed. Post a comment THIS week and get 15% off card games in the store NEXT week. And you’ll be entered in the monthly draw for a $20.00 Minotaur Gift Certificate!


  1. There's a card game I played on Brettspielwelt called "6nimmt!" that was simple to learn and fun, but I've never found it anywhere.

    We picked up Coloretto after a games night and enjoy playing that - our kids can play too! Battle Line is also a favourite around our place - easy enough to learn and engaging if you only have two players...

  2. God yea! I agree jeffry Battleline is one of my favorite quick 2player card games. But i have to say I've also developed a love for hands on action packed card games as well.

    Patrick introduced me to Jungle Speed and I recently fell in love with Dutch Blitz. Both I had trouble getting a handle on because of the insane speed you need. But once you get the right cut-throat mentality going it's a peice of cake! Check both out if you get a chance at a games night fellows and gals.

    -Henry! AKA: Lancelot