Monday, June 29, 2009

Card Games

Last night, at games night, I played, for the first time, a German card game called Sticheln. It’s viciously addictive and I can’t wait to play it again. To quote George Pletz who commented on it on Board Game Geek Sticheln is “A wicked little trick-taking game which bewitched me within a single game".

Summer is a great time for card games as they are portable and many of them can be played anywhere – on a beach blanket, picnic table or pub patio.

Post a comment about your favourite card game or let us know about any great ones we’ve missed. Post a comment THIS week and get 15% off card games in the store NEXT week. And you’ll be entered in the monthly draw for a $20.00 Minotaur Gift Certificate!


  1. I've never played Sticheln, I'll have to check it out next time I'm in. My two favorite card games are,

    1. Citadels - it's great to play with two or seven players where each player chooses different characters per round, which enable special powers for that round. The goal is to build the best city. Also this game isn't very complicated.

    and 2. Iliad - a good military strategy game using the Greek generals and heroes to besiege Troy and rescue Helen. Very easy to learn how to play.

    check out these games next game night!
    - Jon

  2. Anyone who has been around me on a games night knows that my current card game obsession is Dominion! The cards you use in the game change every time, giving way to different strategies each time you play. I can (and have) play this game all night.

    Other card games I will always play are classic games like bridge and euchre, where you can gather a few people and play for an evening. Great fun!

  3. I suppose Ticket to Ride couldnt really be considered a card game T.T but I've never tried Sticheln either. I've been trying dominion as well same as Cassi and I haven't decided yet if it's one that I want badly enough to buy yet.
    *Chews at lower lip thoughtfully*

    I do love games like Battleline (Which I own) or a light game of muchkin or occasionally San Juan despite my lack of ever winning at either it or its companion Puerto Rico. Certain games you love because you win them often but despite never winning at the last two titles I'm still compelled to keep playing them. :D
    Anyways just a rant to feel like I'm participating!

    -Henry AkA: Lancelot

  4. i love Sticheln too....Its an amazing game.....keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.

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