Monday, June 22, 2009

Discount for Comments & Monthly Contest

Have a fun Minotaur story you wish to share?

Comment on this week's post (Free RPG Weekend) and receive a 15% discount off all D&D 4th Edition Products (excluding items already on sale) next week - June 29 - July 5.

All you have to do is: 1) Become a member 2) Contribute to our blog by commenting on the weekly post(s) and get a 15% discount on the discount item of the week (the week following the post). Come into Minotaur and state your name and get the discount. We'll keep a list of posts.


Once a month we'll draw a name from all the posts and give out a $20.00 Minotaur gift certificate. Only one entry per person per week will be counted towards the draw, but please feel free to post as much as you like!


  1. Wowzers and Zoinks and stuff!
    You mean all I'd have to do, if i wasn't working here is fill out a profile and talk about games I like and I could totaly win a $20 gift certificate or at least 15% off swag?!
    *Hunts for a sufficiently sneaky getup to fool the rest of the crew*
    Comon guys start chatting it up I wanna hear back from Joey on why Race for the Galaxies is his favoritest game ever or from any of the regulars. Maybe someone who has only visited the store once or twice or just a game enthusiast who wants to hop in on a topic. Look forward to reading everyones posts!

    -Henry AKA: Lancelot

  2. This is a great Games! I would love to take a part in it.