Monday, June 22, 2009

Free RPG Weekend

On Free RPG day publishers distribute free gaming goo to existing and wannabe role-playing gamers via local, independant, game stores. At Minotaur we also ran the new Dungeons & Dragons Eberon adventure all day Sunday.

We would appreciate any and all comments on the stuff on offer this year. We were disappointed by the lack of minis on offer this year, but were intrigued by the new Giest RPG from White Wolf.

As for the adventuring - what did everyone think of the new Eberon Campaign World?

- Justine

P.S. Still a few free odds and ends left - if you didn't make it down this weekend, you can still pick up some stuff.

1 comment:

  1. The Free RPG day Eberron adventure was my first DM session at Minotaur, and it was great! Khyber's Harvest is well-written, and the rich details and horror elements of the Eberron setting were compelling. The players won't soon forget the fight with the Living Darkness, or the chamber with mouths in the floor. Too bad there wasn't a symbiont magic items for every character in the party. Everyone should have at least one! - Sylvain