Monday, May 9, 2011

The Labyrinth: Insta - Post!

A happy Monday to all ye gamers!
Mother's Day has come and gone.
Here's hoping you all remembered a bundle of flowers, a sweet and thoughtful card, or at least a hug / friendly phone call for your mummies out there.

Today on the Labyrinth I'm featuring my columns 1st INSTA POST!!
That's right it's fast news, its blurringly fast updates, it's coming at you at the speeeeed of liiiiight!
It's like powerthirst on a web page...
It's like trying to read but your eyes are melting off from trying to read all the informtaion and you're like...
sllLLLoOoOwwWW doOOowwWwNN
but a Kenyan is kicking you in the crotch with his ENERGY LEGS...

God i havent watched that in forever...
But no seriously there's plenty of things i wanted to throw out there since a tuesday post didn't make it up last week.

1st off!! You want some MTG?
Did you never get enough of the Besieged set?
Well we have plenty of pre-made decks and boosters left all marked down dirt cheap.
Why bother telling you all? A valid question!
No... it' not a shameless plug for merchandise... I myself am constantly being tempted to blow a bunch of money on them myself each time i come to work and i want them gone >.<
Buy them to save meeeee.

We have another Settlers of Catan pre-qualifier coming up for the June Settlers Qualifier.
Its on may 28th!
It's also 8 bucks to enter!
There will be no John Dupont present i promise! :P
No garantuees though...since Patrick might come down and sweep the next one...he would though wouldn't he? That's just his style.
Although I know Ada wants to enter too but she shall be in Venice so we're safe.
Mwhahah! Victory can still be ours.

There will be a new post going up in the next few days about a gaaaaaaaame *GASP*
What game you ask?
Hmmm well it's's a card game...there's been a bunch of hype about it on the geek and in store! I dunno...does Michael and I playing it count as hype? I like to think it is.
But here's the inside scoop to see if you should be opening those purses and wallets.
LOTR the card game reviewed right here on The Labyrinth!
MTG meets middle earth? Kinda...heh, you shall have to be patient as all shall soon be revealed!

and 4th!! - ly !!
Or lastly i suppose...
D&D encounters!

Those are the questions you are dying to have answered i can tell.
Well are you a fan of original D&D? Did you play 3rd ed and 3.5 till your eyes bled ?
Well here's a great chance to come out and try 4th ed; the most streamlined comprehensive system since THACO!
Eww...comon, UP guys...AC guys UP to get better, not into the negatives... le sigh.

It's every thursday at Minotaur Games + Gifts on games nights. 5pm -7pm
I run the encounters and its very 'new player' friendly!
So if youve always wondered what Dungeons and Dragons is all about don't be shy...we can always use fresh BLOOD!
*cackles maniacally*
It's gonna be a sweet story line if anyone is a fan of the wizard Evard and the Shadowfell features heavily as well so get ready for some truly terrifying twists to this tale.
You can roll up your own 3rd level character if you have access to the books or character builder or alternatively just show up and play a premade one that I'll provide you with.

And that's right i said THIRD level.
Im messing with the module! Im being a rebel...come and get me Wizards...I know you have me under surveillance... stealing all my ideas.

Phew there we go instant news instant updates all the time!
The insta-post is now in effect...
We are at a yellow threat level! The decoys have been deployed and the monkeys are in the kitchen with the spatulas... engage all hostiles at your own discretion..
That's all for now stay safe out there gamers!
And as always...

This has been the Labyrinth and I'm Henry McCulloch. Game on!

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