Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Labyrinth: One Dark Night on the Fell

Hey all!
This is a creative posting this week to throw in a plug for D&D encounters that gets run every Thursday night from 5 till 7ish.
I mentioned before in my first insta-post that we could use a few new faces around the gaming table. It's a great chance to try out 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons if you've never played or as a seasoned adventurer that wants to go on a spooky romp in Evard's footsteps.

It's a 4th level dungeon delve which should conclude aound 6th level and you can dream up your own character if you have access to the builder or the books. If you aren't capable of making your own or don't have the time, there are several shadowy themed characters available as premades to try out.
Just bring a pen and paper some imagination and any dice that you have kicking around.
It's going to be one of the best seasons to date for the encounters event.
Dont miss out!

And now... I mentioned a creative side to things. A short story!
This week is the 1st installment of the writing corner!
It's a peice i threw together quickly for those that aren't sure what D&D is all about but have always been interested. Read on and we look forward to seeing you on thursdays.

Smoke curled from the gnarled pipe.
Taking a deep drag from the tip he regarded the quiet structures below, that stood so out of place from the gloom of the sinister river valley.
His exhale was slow and drawn out as the traveller reflected on the curious change to his surroundings. It was certainly worth investigating.
The red embers of the pipe stub flared briefly and then disappeared as the smoke that hung in the air enveloped him. Shrouded from sight by the shadows... he was gone.


"Get some light going witch..."

"It IS on you pint-sized pinhead!"

"Both of you move, we need to find out what's going on..."

"If you're already casting your light then why is it still dark you hag!"

"Ware your words infant or I'll strike you blind and you'll be forever seeing the dark."

"Do you always speak in riddles? or is this another one of your senior moments?"

"Do YOU always speak without thinking WORM?! You insult a wizard...I could turn you to ash with a thought!"

The door to the inn's upper suite swung open, a faint light glowing weakly from the tip of an elderly elf's staff. Behind her a squat little halfling shuffled along in her wake, treading on the hem of her robes. Glistening from head to toe in full plate, a human with dark chocolate hair and a sweeping mustache brought up the rear as he collected his helm and shield.

Adventurers all, they had awoken from their sleep in the dead of night.
All subconciously privy to the same unexplainable notion that something had changed.
Something was horribly amiss.


Hard and motionless
Thoughtless and without breath
In an instant that had all changed.

What it meant...they cared little.

The result was all that mattered.
Existing as something more than their stiff, emotionless, previous selves was what made their shadowy faces light up in a mutually shared grin.

What it meant...tonight they would feast.


"Remind me to give you a bath if we live through the night reek!"

"Blah Blah insert arrogant elven comment here blah blah some more then... 'oh gee this girdle of giant strength sure does make my ass look fat...' seriously give me a break Ariel."

"For a race that is reknowned for their quick wit and charm you certainly know how to flatter a girl in unusual ways Feris."

"HA! girl...hah! She's SO old I bet that you could turn undead her Cale..."

"That's it...I've changed my mind...I think I'll forgo saving my most powerful spells and instead use them to rid us of our rodent infestation."

"Would you two cut it out", Cale whispered hoarsely "something is seriously up and we need to get to the bottom of it...I can't see very well out here in the hall but I think I can hear movement below."

"By can't see because it's still dark...can you PLEASE use your light spell already?"

"I already AM using it you annoying little runt!"

"Calm yourselves...something must be dampening Ariel's light...and the lamps on the street as well by the looks of it. If it's strong enough to effect her magic then whoever is behind this must be powerful."

"Oh it's powerful alright..."came an eire voice from the windowsill behind the trio.

They whirled around just in time to see a shadowy form manifest in the dark hallway behind them, stowing a pipe inside his pack carefully.

"But it isn't a much as a where..."

"Oh great, he's like prisy boots, he also likes to talk in riddles..." groaned Feris.

"Wait... are you implying we might have left the town of Duponde stranger?"

The cowl silhoetting his face pulled back slightly, revealing rows of blackened teeth, a grey-skinned dwarf grinning ear to ear.

"Ahhh a quick one I almost guessed it but no....this town is Duponde sure as can be. What I implied was simply that the where had changed...Duponde itself is what has left, so to speak."

Ariel's eyes widened in sudden realization and horror, clapping a hand over her mouth as she stiffled a loud gasp.

"Oh good she's having a heart attack a last...I mean you hold out hope, and you pray to the gods every day...but you're never really sure if your dreams will come true in the end."

"What is it?" Cale asked her nervously as he rested a plated hand on her shoulder.

"Ah she's figured it out..." The dwarf crowed, his black eyes sparkling mirthfully to match his black grin.

"Somehow...during the night the town of Duponde experienced a shadowfall..."

"A shadowuzzit?" Feris chirped in.

Glaring at the halfing Ariel elaborated.

"The shadowfell is a parallel world of existence...think of it like a sphere, super-imposed over our world but invisible when on the prime material. It is a shadowy mirror image of the world we know. Through powerful latent magic or with the help of rituals it's possible to open a small rift between these worlds. It is extremely rare...but every so often this happens. Entire acres of land have been known to tumble free from existence and wind up a part of the shadowfell. This is what we spellusers refer to as a shadowfall...a worse nightmare would be hard to conceive. All the residents of Duponde are in GRAVE danger!"

"Not to mention are all ALSO in grave danger." The dwarf said menacingly as he drew forth a pale blue sword that pulsed with magical energy.

Fell runes decorated the pommel and hilt as wisps of black mist plumed outward from the blade's edge, filling the hallway.

Cale leveled his holy symbol of Pelor, the God of the Sun, squarely at the dwarf's chest.

"I don't know who you are...but be warned. We are prepared to defend ourselves to the last. Should you think of us as easy prey then I would suggest that you think again!"

The supernatural grating chuckle that issued forth from the dwarf's throat gave the trio chills.

"Hmmmm well worded and boldly stated cleric...there is bloody work to be done tonight but it is not you that I must attend to. A butcher's job is never done I stand aside if you wish to save the townsfolk."

Cale rose one eyebrow, still suspicious of the odd newcomer.

"Stand aside? Save the townsfolk? What do you mean...speak up dwarf!"

As though in answer a bloodcurdling sceam echoed through the inn from the pitch black commons room below.

"You see in the shadowfell the statues aren't JUST for decoration...your gargoyles that normally sit perched upon the inn's roof...have already animated. And they hunger."

To be continued...

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