Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Labyrinth: Games Aplenty

Hey readerz!

I'm pleased to announce that up at the store we have a brand new, fully updated, list of games that will be coming out in the near future. Snatch up as many of these new titles up as you like as we'll be offering 20% off all items pre-ordered at the store.

Some of these new titles coming out include new expansions to Thunderstone, Arkham Horror, LOTR Card game and Resident Evil the card game. If lighter games are your thing then try Cthulhu Gloom. Just like the original Gloom it features your character's lives becoming horrible/miserable and then being killed off at their lowest moment. Food Fight is another fun little title that just like the name implies revolves around flinging food across the table at one another. If something more serious is what interests you then Ventura and Deadwood might appeal to you. The 1st title features a conquest and nobility theme where players are each noble families in 14th century Italy, vying for power over the country's ever expanding wealth, while the later title is a wild wild west shoot em up in which you compete for territory along the route where the railroad has arrived. Player get to be bands of renegades and desperados that are trying to collect as much wealth as they can while battling rival gangs in good old fashion gun battles.

All sound pretty smexy so far? But wait...there's morrrrre...
Some other expansions coming out will be the 7 Wonders: Leaders deck, Munchkin Zombies: 2 Armed and Dangerous and Survive the 5-6 player mini expansion.

Sweet titles one and all in my books! But light strategy...heavier Eurogaming... where's the SILLY! Where can I get the zany I'm looking for in gaming!
Well look no further I can garantuee some of these games will make you smile just asking your friends if they are up for a game.

It's a dice game. You and your friends are camping...and then there were bears.
Need i say more? fine...twist my arm.
You run around shooting bears for points, fleeing from tent to tent.
But if you dare to sleep through one of the bear attacks you can score big points!

Then there's Ant Assault the card game.
Literally you get to play as an ant colony and defend your hill from invading ant hordes.
Send out scouts, lead foraging parties, and launch your war teams to pit yourselves in insect on insect combats to the death!
Alright maybe that's not silly enough...

This next title will be impossible not to hear said out loud and laugh.
I promise...*clears throat*
Kittens in a Blender!

It's a fast paced card game where players LITERALLY are trying to prevent adorable fluffy kittens from being mashed up to gorey pulps in household appliances. Play your hands quickly and save the foolish felines before it's too late!
I love it mwhahaha

Wizard of the Coast has a new title Conquest of Nerath coming out. Everything fantasy dungeons and dragoney magic goblins elves etc. While Ystari has a very interesting title being released called Olympus. Colonize ancient Greece before your opponents do and advance your civiliztion through the years but do so in a manner that avoids angering the gods!
Fantasy Flight has been very busy indeed. In addition to several aforementioned titles they are coming out with a new standalone Smallworld Underground as well as Black Gold, an auction and bidding game set at the height of theTexas oil boom of 1922. With plenty of action cards and some bluffing elements that keep the flow of the game rolling along it looks to be another fast and easy to learn title prepped to grace our store's shelves.

Where does the list end?? o.O
It just doesn't really... there's too many to talk about in just one post but a few others include new Carcassonne Phantom and the Carcassonne Dice Game; Outpost a reprinted version of the 1991 game and Lancaster which is a Henry V territorial control game; Test of Fire First Bull Run being a civil war game and Mammut, a prehistoric bidding boardgame; a pattern/ design game called Seven Dragons and Croa, another abstract strategy game; Devil's Dice (similar to liar's dice) and Are You The Cultist? a title that mirrors Werewolves of Miller's Hollow but with a Cthulu/H.P. Lovecraft flavor; Balance of Power in which you are helping Europe in 1815 to recover from the ravages of war and Napoleon's reign along with Dark Eon Assassin Tyrant of Acheron which is a sci fi solitaire game; Zoch Verlog Games has Mille Grazie (A bluffing game) Mord im Arosa (A clue based listening game) Safranito (A manual dexterity game based on indian food) and Geistesblitz (another dexterity game for children with a ghostly theme); not to be outdone ZMAN has four new titles springing onto the scene as well, Dark Minions a dice game of being evil and pillaging towns, Equilibrian a co-operative card game that can also be played solo in which you need to find the balance between nightmares and good dreams, Walking Dead the Board Game which has been designed with scenarios based directly off the comic book, and Guards! Guards! a Diskworld themed game where players embark on an epic quest through Ank-Morpork.

Phew... pass me a drink, that was a lot to go over.
That pretty much concludes it for this week that's all the games that are coming...
There's more?!? Why...dear god them out...1 per week...*sighs*
Never fear I've savd some of the best titles for last.

Iello is a company I had not heard of until this week...but they have quickly earned my resect with a solid title of one of their new upcoming games. King of Tokyo!
Nah it's not feudal Japan with samurai and a ruling shogun it's even better.
The game is a dice/card game where monsters, giant killer robots, and aliens battle it out for supreme control over Tokyo.

And last but not least there is a game called Ikusa that has been announced.
It, unlike King of Tokyo! IS all about samurai and the ruling shoguns vying for power over feudal Japan!! Everyone remember the old Avalon Hill game Shogun? The one that got renamed to Samurai Swords? Well it's been renamed Ikusa and been given a brand new paint job with mostly the same old rules as far as I can tell. Anyone else as ecstatic as I?
It's one that I've loved to old copy has a pizza-stained frayed edge and armies with broken daimyo flags. A new and shiny copy of this is one that I strongly advise adding to everyone's personal wargaming collection and one that I will most likely be writing up more extensively in the near future!
It's one that I'd offer a 9/10 rating for!

That's it for now gamers!
There were a few titles i couldn't manage to sneak in here but I should mention that the full comprehensive list of write-up of all upcoming releases is at the front counter at the store.
So swing on by, check out the list, and lets start the waiting game together.
It's going to be an interesting few months!
And as always...

This has been the labyrinth and I'm Henry McCulloch. Game on!

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